hottest female politiciansBeauty, brains, and a commanding presence? Sounds like the makings of a hot politician. We have seen our fair share of lovely ladies (should I say, hottest female politicians!)  take center stage in the world of politics. Plus more than a handful of them were equipped well, not only in the brains department, but also in the beauty aspect. Yes, when these foxy politicians get their moments on the podium, we might find ourselves simply looking instead of intently listening.

Could you really blame us? The world’s top hottest female politicians might have the credentials. The qualities to qualify them for these seriously powerful positions. Most importantly, there is no doubt we’d love to see them in a few other positions as well. Why not would probably say the Donald!

So who are these woman? Where are they? Here’s some food for thought…

Top Hottest Female Politicians

1. Brenda Stronach – Our first bet for the hottest female politician hails from Canada. This sexy Canadian bombshell first started out as a Member of Parliament in the Canadian House of Commons. She moved on to become the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Minister. Not only is she one of the smartest and most qualified candidates to ever hold office in Canada, she’s also unbelievably easy on the eyes.

2. Anna Maria Galojan – This Estonian beauty made it on the list of the hottest female politicians because of her classic looks and killer appeal. Galojan is more than just a pretty face. She has been a key player in the development and restoration of many parts of her country. She did have a few hiccups in her career though. This bad girl became the subject of a huge number of embezzlement accusations that ultimately ended her reign. No worries, however, as she quickly bounced back in 2009 when she modelled for the famous men’s magazine, Playboy!

3. Orly Levy – Former TV host and model! Levy is probably one of the hottest politicians to have ever been elected in Israel. She was a member of the Knesset for Likud Yisrael Beiteinu! Before all that, she served as a member of the Israeli Air Force. Yes, she is a ‘she!’ While her accomplishments in the field and in office were all commendable and worthy of praise, we can’t help but focus on a bunch of her other assets she keeps on display. Quit a politician!

4. Setrida Gaegae – Fighting against Syrian oppression never looked this good. Geagea is known as the sweetheart of the Lebanese government. She has a genuine heart for caring and an endless capacity for service. Her involvement with political activism started her career in government and ultimately led to her marriage with Lebanese Forces. Yes, this bombshell is married, but we’re still glued to those press conference broadcasts.

5. Alina Kabaeva – Flexible in the gym and in office. Makes us wonder, where else might she be flexible? Alina Kabaeva is among the most decorated gymnasts in the world. Having held two Olympic gold medals, 14 world championships, and 25 European championships during her time as a professional gymnast. As if that wasn’t enough, this Russian beauty ran for office and won a position as a State Duma deputy in 2007.

6. Julia Bonk – Who wouldn’t go bonkers for this beautiful lady? Bonk is the youngest politician to ever hold a place in German parliament, having been only 18 years old when she won! Why exactly did she get the spot? Maybe it was her brains, maybe it was her charisma, or maybe it was her unbelievably good looks. You decide.

7. Angela Gerekou – This Greek woman is recognized as one of the hottest female politicians to have ever been elected into office. She holds the position as deputy of Culture and Tourism Minister, but brings a lot more to the table than just her smarts and political talents. There’s this cougar vibe about her that have men buzzing. Now, we’re not exactly sure what all those big titles are for, but if her position in office is keeping her a visible entity, she’s got our vote for years to come.

8. Eva Kaili – Eva Kaili started out as a television news woman and quickly gained popularity thanks to her killer looks. Her experience in journalism and updated political knowledge earned her a spot as a member of the Hellenic Parliament. She later moved on to join the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean.

9. Maria Carfagna – This Italian politician is easily one of the hottest female politicians the world over. If you don’t want to take our word for it, then perhaps her mention in Maxim’s list of “World’s Hottest Politicians” just might get you to change your mind. She started off as an actress on Italian TV and managed to wiggle her way into politics in 2004. This Italian beauty has also served as the Minister of Equal Opportunity. Thus, making her not only a gorgeous politician, but a smart one at that.

10. Luciana Leon – From Peru comes one of the hottest female politicians ever. Luciana Leon started out in politics as early as she was 14 years old, having served as General Secretary of the Aprista Party’s youth division. She moved on to become the youngest member of the Peruvian parliament after acquiring a position when she was only 31 years old.

11. Yuri Fujikawa – There are a lot of beautiful women in the world of politics. However, Fujikawa proves to be among the hottest female politicians to date. During the campaign period she was scrutinized and criticized for being too pretty. However, this Japanese bombshell was quick to turn those claims into myths. She became the council woman for Hachinohe City, proving to her critics that beauty and brains can go hand in hand. Since 2007 stories of a sex scandal between this beautiful Japanese politician have surfaced, further hammering the notion that she was too pretty for a position.

It takes real skill and some smarts to be able to hold a position in office. Furthermore, being pretty certainly doesn’t hurt. The above list of the world’s hottest female politicians just goes to show that women can in fact, do great things as politicians while still look hot while doing it! Cheers to that! Here are !