why is Donald Trump winning?Why? Why, w-h-y, WHY is Donald Trump winning in politics right now? It’s a hard fact to swallow for many of us!

Trump is leading the polls, whether we like it or not. It’s time we gave up our effort to turn away from this reality and accept it wholly. Trump probably has as many supporters as he does critics, but this hasn’t seemed to take a toll on his popularity. His rank has just continued to see a steady climb, and this is causing countless individuals to ask – why is Trump winning?

Donald Trump is a multibillion dollar man with a one track mind geared towards business and finance, but he is an unlikely presidential candidate. While many refuse to believe that Trump has what it takes to win, he sure has done a good job of proving that he just might. What is it exactly about this minted, ego-inflated bigot that makes him such a strong candidate?

Why is Donald Trump ?

Business Background – Donald Trump is best known as one of the richest man in all of the United States of America, and for solid reasons, too. Trump has a history of coming up with successful projects and ventures that have generated finances for him in the billions. There’s no questioning the man’s natural talent in the field of finance and his unparalleled wisdom when it comes to creating strong business ventures.

Many people see this as a strong asset. A lot of US voters have had enough of the plain political prowess that nearly every single candidate has banked on in the past few years. The people are ready to resolve their problems with a different solution – and Trump offers just that. Donald Trump plans on creating solutions from a business stand point rather than a government stand point, and that might be the breath of fresh air that US citizens need at this point in time.

Powerful Personality – Time and time again, we’ve seen politicians fall prey to the influence of outside forces. This has caused great disaster for the humble U.S. citizen and has significantly reduced people’s trust in the system. With Trump however, that all seems a little unlikely. Trump is a self-confident, self-sustaining power house.

The multibillionaire seems to have principles of his own, and he doesn’t seem like the type to be bribed. There isn’t anyone with money big enough to combat Trumps, and if you don’t have the one thing that makes this man tick, then you can say goodbye to your plans of getting him to bend over to your will. Trump’s powerful personality and electric persona make him the ideal presidential candidate knowing we’ll be in safe hands without fear of being sold out. This strong factor is now one of the answers to the common question ­– why is Donald Trump winning?

Master Negotiator – One of the major roles of a president is the proper dealing and communication with other governments to secure plans and partnerships that will benefit the country. Many politicians fail in this arena without the proper skill and knowledge when it comes to dealing with proceedings. Many of Donald Trump’s deals were done with foreign corporations, minted private individuals, and even other international governments. That said, you can be sure that he knows his way around complex transactions and proceedings. Donald Trump is a master negotiator with the power to mold minds and bend wills to meet his interests. Imagine what that power can do for the United States. With Trump as president, people can be assured that we won’t have to compromise our beliefs, traditions, or resources just to make ends meet. We’ll have the upper hand with negotiations and we’ll get our way no matter who we’re dealing with.

Smart Psychologist – The biggest reason as to why is Donald Trump winning is because of his ability to tell what people want. He knew what people wanted from his real estate developments, he knew what people wanted from him as a TV show personality, he knew what people want from him now that he’s a presidential candidate. It’s all working out too well for the man – all because he knows how to manipulate minds.

Let’s not forget, Donald Trump is the master manipulator above all things. That’s how he managed to accumulate such a large sum of money. He knows how to play the game and how to play the minds of people. When he screws up and embarrasses himself with his uninformed decisions and entitled statements, he might end up looking like a fool, but he also gets the media to spew a bunch of negative comments about him. So how is that a good thing? By becoming the target of negative media hype and mainstream criticism, Trump effectively communicates one thought to voters – mainstream media hates me. Are you sure you want to support them, or do you want to be part of the population that sees beyond the hype?

Yes, it’s true. Donald Trump’s strategy relies greatly on his ability to use negative publicity to his advantage. With a personality as big as his and with a mouth that seems to run like a loose cannon, it was impossible for him to get positive hype in the first place. So the multibillionaire thought of a way to use all that bad press to his advantage – and it worked.

Many of us still wonder – why is Donald Trump winning? But the reason to that has become a little clear now. All things considered, we shouldn’t forget the fact that Trump is a businessman above all else. And to win at business, you have to know what your target audience wants. Today, Donald Trump’s audience is mainly made up of voters and United States citizens – that’s why he has tailored his approach to meet what these people want. He might look like an ill-informed, politically unprepared bigot most of the time, but that’s exactly what he wants media to think. By banking on negative press and creating bad media hype, he has effectively put the oldest trick in the book to use – reverse psychology.

Yes, he might seem like a most of the time, but Trump is actually a lot smarter than he seems.