Regardless if you’re here in America or not, I’m sure that you had enough of rough lip service in Donald Trump news feeds. His blabber took us by storm, let alone some Republican legislators who are keeping their sentiments on their seats. Since it looks like there’s no stopping for Donald’s wordy spectacle, let’s try to flip things over and pick some “lessons” from his not-so-camera friendly actions and opinions.

It’s really hard to dust off dirty Trump speeches, but if we want to survive until 2021, I’ll suggest these lessons to our newbie politicians who are planning to follow his footsteps.

A dirty mouth can lead to dirty politics.

There’s one reason Hillary called out Trump’s rhetoric as “political arson”: it’s indeed burning the political house down. We’d seen enough as the plot thickened between him and Megyn Kelly at the first presidential debate of the GOP. And it continued until he’s able to secure the controversial sit at the Oval Office.

After the failed Obamacare repeal in the Senate, Trump had called out opposing senators like Sen. Lisa Murkowski for “letting the country down”.  It’s not the first time he acted like a pissed spoiled brat, visit his Twitter account and you’ll see.

It pays to have a little bit of sensitivity.

Be it in the ethnic, gender, principle, and disability standpoint, insensitivity will cause the ire of advocates and a drowning bashing on the internet. If you’re one faint-hearted politician, I suggest that you start finding your sensitivity and practice the think-before-speaking mantra. The backlash Trump received over misogyny and racism is enough to ruin a political dream.

So you would wonder: How come Donald is standing strong with his resolve intact?  Well, he’s one arsenal of shame tolerance.

Politicians and social media rarely mix.

The “covfefe” blunder is a simple example of how Trump is in haste in everything. Nevertheless, a lot of netizens find it hilarious and it triggered thousands of memes that at least make us think that our president can be funny without being offensive.

But most of the time, his Twitter account is the easy source our daily dose of Donald Trump news. His account is like a ticking time bomb ready to make another sensational explosion in the newsroom. This might be a plus point in his popularity, but his image continues to be tainted with his careless brouhaha.

Check out Scaramucci’s social-media strategy to be an effective Trump comms head. You’ll realize how politics and social media can give you a 10-day nightmare out of your seat.

Hell hath no fury than a race/gender scorned.

From being Islamophobic to homophobic, Trump’s discriminatory remarks had fueled the wrath of the people like a wild forest fire. His travel ban against Muslims from seven countries is plain ignorant and insensitive and even suggests his vilification of the religion.

Even before he had the craziest idea of running for president, racism has been a thing of Trump ever since. The Justice Department had filed lawsuits against his company in 1973 – which he’s heading that time – for lying, denying, and imposing stricter rental terms to black people.

He never fails us until today when he called Mexicans as “rapists” and “criminals” and questioned Obama’s birth in America.

Anyway, the latest wave of hate came from his plan to ban transgender people in the military. He announced in haste that transgender people are costing taxpayers’ money over hormone treatments and medical needs. His abrupt announcement surprised everyone, including those in the White House who wasn’t able to answer basic questions about the policy.

We’re flooded with all this political mess, so to speak, and finding some hint of light in the stream of Donald Trump news is quite necessary. I hope that our newbie politicians will learn from this too. You be the judge in all these and I know that you have something you want to share. Give us a ping in the comment box!