Having trouble figuring out who to vote for in the upcoming elections? Because of past experiences with poor political practice and widespread corruption, voters have learned that the trick to casting a vote isn’t by looking at the one with the best qualities, but to choose the lesser evil. We can never really be sure with the candidate we choose, which is why some people have begun to consider becoming a politician themselves.

Becoming a politician isn’t the easiest thing in the world. There are loads of hurdles and challenges that litter the road to success. But if you strive for it, exercise your opportunities and resources, and put these 6 distinctive traits into action, you will soon find that becoming a politician isn’t just a distant dream.

Top 5

  1. HonestyCompetitive Edge words on a board game to illustrate a special a

All too often, we’ve had to put up with political leaders who lie and scheme behind the backs of the people they serve. Who wants someone who keeps secrets while in office? The trouble with lying is that it tempts political leaders to keep their actions hush-hush and to cover up their mistakes and deliberately harmful actions. There are too many stories of leaders who have taken funds, participated in illegal proceedings, accepted money for political support, and much more.

Today, becoming a politician doesn’t just require the smarts and skills, but also a clean conscience. Remaining true to your words, saying only what is right, and maintaining transparency throughout your office will help people understand the exact situation of the location you serve. This will also keep you from the temptation of hiding behind lies.

  1. Compassion

Why are you thinking about running for office? Is it the fame? The popularity? The benefits? Is it because your parents were politicians and you want to continue the legacy? Before you decide on becoming a politician, it’s ideal that you first examine why you want to work as one. Upon looking into your motives, you should find that compassion is your reason.

All too often, people who run for office have the wrong priorities. Being a politician isn’t about you – it should be about the people you serve. There are millions who are hungry, jobless, homeless, and struggling to survive. If you’re thinking about using your power for your own personal gain instead of the welfare of those who need your help, then maybe you should reconsider becoming a politician all together.

A good politician is someone who strives to achieve the best possible living condition for the people he or she serves. At the end of the day, you are at the mercy of your people and not the other way around. Having genuine compassion for those who need your help can allow you to work for their benefit and bring a better life for everyone in your jurisdiction.

  1. Confidence

What’s a politician without confidence? Of course, self-confidence or the ability to conduct yourself without shyness in front of a crowd is ideal if you want to convince people to vote for you. But that’s not the only kind of confidence there is. There will be times in your career as a politician that you will have to make hard decisions. Sometimes, they might even seem like a gamble. But if you’re confident with your solution and confident in your ability to resolve whatever problems might arise later on, you will be able to make the right decisions at the right time.

A politician without confidence won’t get his people anywhere. Constantly second guessing will slow down progress. Politicians need to act fast, and when you’re confident with what you can do, then those decisions will be a piece of cake.

  1. Integrity

Integrity is defined as the ability to abide by morals and values regardless of whether or not anyone is looking. Many times, a politician will act as though they’re all about prosperity and service in front of crowds and supporters. But once the stage lights are brought down, the microphone is turned off, and the people go back to their homes, a different person comes to light. Two-faced politicians are all too common. These are the people who will pretend to be upright in the face of others, but will proceed to take part in illegal proceedings behind the scenes.

Becoming a politician means being able to turn away from temptation and sticking to your morals even when there’s no one there to see you do it. Being good isn’t what you do to please others; it’s what you do to stick to your principles and values despite the lack of an audience.

  1. Resilience

Politicians often fall victim to ridicule and criticism, no matter how good they perform. You can’t please everyone. Becoming a politician means being able to roll with the punches and having to ride the tide no matter how much pressure is on your shoulders. The work of a politician is never done. Combined with the added stress of constantly being watched by critics and members of society, giving up might seem like a very real option just days into the game. Resilience is the ability to stand and thrive no matter how hard the situation might be. Becoming a politician requires a substantial level of resiliency.

  1. Intelligence

Every industry present in society will basically be under your governance when you finally become a politician. Are you fully equipped with the knowledge and skill it takes to properly run these operations? No one wants someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing to sit in office and call the shots.

If you are seriously considering becoming a politician, you should take the time to study and read up on the important issues and realms of society so that you can better resolve problems once you find your place in office. Intelligence is an invaluable trait every political leader should have. When you’re able to understand problems, you can come up with better solutions and smart strategies to help resolve issues.