what not to do as a politicianBeing a public servant is a hard task to handle. Day in and day out, the people we elect into office are faced with numerous challenges that need to be resolved in order to give those who support and trust them access to better opportunities and better quality of life. No doubt, being a politician isn’t a job for just anyone. But did you know that on top of all of those troubles, politicians are also burdened with the necessity to act a certain way when face to face with their people? Yes, a politician can’t just act however they please when they’re in public view (which is practically every waking hour of the day.) Maintaining a good image doesn’t only help reassure people that you’re doing your job the way it should be done, it also sets an example for thousands (and perhaps even millions) of young individuals who look up to you as a role model.

Things Politicians Should Avoid Doing

  1. Dressing Inappropriately – The way you dress says a lot about you. Even simple, ordinary, everyday folk are ridiculed and scrutinized for their fashion and clothing choices. It doesn’t matter if you’re vice mayor of a small suburban locality or if you’re president of the entire country – the way you choose to dress matters. Wearing the right clothes for certain events and occasions communicates your intentions and state of mind to the people around you. Failing to dress appropriately will leave people focusing on your outward appearance rather than what you have to say or what you have accomplished. Besides, you wouldn’t want to have your achievements brushed aside all because your shirt was a little too floral, now do you?
  2. Being Foul Mouthed – As a public servant, you are usually seen as better than the rest of the population. How could you have earned your position in the first place? Being elected into office means people see something in you that not a lot of others possess, so make sure you act in a way that proves this to those who trust and rely on you. Your supporters want you to set an example for the youth, and being foul mouthed can make it difficult for you to do that. Whenever you’re in public view, make sure that you present yourself in a manner that would be acceptable not only for the older individuals in your community, but also for the youth.
  3. Going Back On Your Word – When you say something to other people, expect that it will be remembered forever – especially if it’s something worth remembering. As a politician, you can’t be loose with your words as this could just be the reason why you get kicked out of office. Before you open your mouth and say anything to a crowd, make sure you’ve thought it out hard enough and that you’ve done the necessary research to back your claim (if in case it needs that sort of verification.) Remember, when speaking, it’s always better to be sure.