Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election has caught opponents out.


British PM calls a snap early election for 8th June 2017 in an action that came out of the blue.

Despite saying all along that the government would be in power for the full term, she’s upped the stakes by swooping to announce this.

Famously on television the Prime Minister in September 2016 then telling the BBC’s Andrew Marr she would not be calling a snap election during an interview.

With polls showing her 20points ahead of Labour, Theresa May’s timing to call a snap election gives her the chance to crush the opposition once and for all.


Corbyn’s Labour Party are a shambles, with so much in-fighting being reported on a weekly basis. One political reporter said this action was akin to throwing a hand grenade into the political mix.

Theresa May’s on record as saying that the nation is coming together to work towards the Brexit, but the political unrest is what is causing her the problems.



Theresa May announces plan to call general election – Scotland rubbing their hands.

Nicola Sturgeon the leader of the SNP is one of the people who has fought to undermine the British Prime Minister at every chance.

The people of Scotland who are sick to the back teeth of hearing her spout on about her being the ‘Voice Of Scotland’ now have the chance to vote against the SNP.

The referendum was a clear vote that the people of Scotland wished to remain in the UK, a result that Sturgeon seems to overlook every time asked on this.

When the people went to the vote and the votes were counted, then the result was the outcome of the Scottish Referendum. There’s no need for the dwarf to keep talking about the next one.


What would be an ideal scenario would be the SNP to lose even a couple of seats, which might make Sturgeon wind her neck in a little.


Theresa May announces plan to call general election on 8 June





There’s no party able to offer what could be described as a strong option, to go head to head with the Tories.

With the news that Theresa May announces plan to call general election , the leaders of other parties were quick to react with verbal jousting.

With weakened Lib-Dems not making ground, the Labour vote is the only one that could come close to making inroads, but the leadership questions there have split die hard Labour supporters.

Even when asked on television on 18th April if he’d step down if he lost the General Election; Corbyn refused to be drawn into answering, instead stating he was in this to win it.

Corbyn claimed; “If we win the election, yes. I want to lead a government that will transform this country, give real hope to everybody and above all, bring about a principle of justice for everybody and economic opportunities for everybody.”

There are rumours that the government aren’t in a strong enough position to fight both the General Election in June as well as taking care of Brexit negotiations in addition to the day to day events that are ongoing and cropping up. Those close to the Prime Minister are quite upbeat that this is the correct move and can only produce positive results. We will see.