If you have been to Puerto Rico or Venezuela before, you’ve probably seen the top 10 beaches of the world at least on cable TV even if you were only on a weekend getaway. You also probably know that both Puerto Rico and Venezuela have been consistently praised for their environmental beauties.

For what were once famous, glorified and rich countries to immerse ourselves into an abyss of beauty, now recently becomes challenging moments. The country at bat, Puerto Rico. With similar political and economic challenges now being faced, this US military friendly country, Puerto Rico is on a rough path.

puerto rico economic crisis newsTear gas, police fire and breakings this past May 1st all over Puerto Rico’s capital when 1,000’s of students and union workers manifested their civil rights for fair economics and work.

Now, according to facts. Venezuela had their Hugo Chavez reasons for their political downfall according to international news. Thousands of folks still love Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and what he provided for the country. However, compared to Puerto Rico, the situation is more of a socioeconomic and allegiance monetized issue. With multiple contracts with the United States, there’s a growing debt to the country. Ever since the United States Army recruited Puerto Ricans for the Vietnam War, business has been business to mainland congress in the United States. A snowball effect syndrome that was of positive assistance for decades to the island, now accumulates close to 75 billion dollars in bad debt.

Because of the economic challenges Puerto Rico faces, thanks in many, to enacted federal contracts such as The Jones Act – financial chaos continues to grow in the island. Most recently, the accumulated stress and intolerable abuse was seen in the streets this past May 1st, 2017 in forms of pacific marches and even riots in some parts of the country.

Here is what happened this last Monday, May 1st in the Puerto Rico capital. The voice is being heard.

Among the facts are; Puerto Rico is losing a medical licensed doctor each day now became average. The salaries are unworthy compared to the 150k plus a year in student loans according to the say of Puerto Rican doctors. Minimum wage is soon to be adjusted on a state (territorial) level to a submitted proposal of $4.25 USD per hour.

Close to 400 public schools, according to local sources, have now been closed to save money and pay other fiscal priorities according to the last administration. Furthermore, could you imagine what $550,000,000 in health care cuts will do by 2020? According to the board of fiscal administrator that now took over Puerto Rico’s finances, it should just save Puerto Rico more money long term, which is true. However, what many Puerto Ricans now believe is that the country is slowly becoming the mirror of what once the start of Venezuela’s war with their own political system.

Like POTUS recently said in the news, the United States is already in trouble with 19 trillion dollars in debt. They are printing money that isn’t readily available to keep inflation balanced. The question now becomes, does a true Republican like Donald Trump bails out Puerto Rico now?

Some of us can hear the “No Way Jose” from a mile away! Improvement haven’t occur for US States like Illinois or bankrupt Detroit, how different can it really be a US Territory like Puerto Rico?