how to become a US senatorHow to become a US senator is a question Barack Obama, I am sure, had prior to becoming the fifth African-American senator in the state of Illinois in the US. It surely continues to be a big question to many aspiring politicians. Senators have the responsibility of debating and voting for new laws in their respective counties. These senators, like Mr. Obama at times, were known to represent particular regions and counties across defined states.

What specifics are required to become a senator? Here are ways on how to become a US senator, at last! Know that these options aren’t guaranteed to get you a senate seat, but you might surely look sharper and more articulate than “The Donald” on a consistent basis. Confidently writing that is.

Start by finding out what exactly is the job in your current state you’re targeting. It will require lots of patience. It requires one who is eager to know about state law and political science – hence the reason for majoring and acquiring a bachelor in political science. Bills need a number of changes in order for them to be regarded as laws and especially when votes are passed in their favor. Senators are the people who are involved in the formulation and changes in bills which are then passed into law. It is in the senate that such activities start getting defined with major brainstorming.

The senate also forms special committees which are used to discuss and debate on specific issues pertaining to law. For someone who is interested in how to become a US senator,  he/she must be able to understand society and things which affect it and be able to add a voice on how such negative issues in society can be changed or eliminated. There are many areas in which a senator can add his voice at the behest of his constituents. This includes areas such as trade, environment, industry and any other area that needs special attention  in relation to laws to be passed.  We continue with our layman terms.

Updated with Current Affairs

An aspiring senator must be in a position to follow news and the latest events in political events and activities. Gathering which are reliable and give the true picture of the current events in their current state is a logical starting step. The candidate can gather news from television stations, newspapers, websites and even sources that are contrary to one’s principles and views.

As a logical next basic step, have as many friends and colleagues who are interested in the politics of the day, hence, developing your own network and building relationships. These are serious issues, but than again we’ve had Hollywood movie stars and now have TV Real Estate developers competing for the presidency in the United States, but the more prepare you’re…the more equipped you’ll look and even be in front of an important crowd. Perception and always selling, that’ll always have to stick in a candidate’s mind. Certainly assists greatly as a step on how to become a senate candidate.

becoming a senatorHave a political Stand

Everybody has opinions and stands regarding certain issues in society and you are not an exception. If you have a certain political stand or opinion it’s best to understand what are solid foundation of your beliefs. It doesn’t make any sense to hold a belief that is founded on shaky grounds, in fact you’ll become counterproductive on your goal on how to become a senate candidate.

You need strong and well-founded arguments which can backup your beliefs either in political ideology or views relating to a certain controversial issue. Just watch how and has audiences mesmerized with his speeches.  Take a stand.

Is Your Financial Muscle in Check?

Most people will probably tell you this is nonsense. It surely isn’t! In fact, it is one of the best ways on how to become a US senator. You cannot hope to get a seat in the senate if you just haven’t dedicated enough resources to this activity. Everything will suddenly boil down to finances once it gets onto the campaign trail.

Who will you finance your campaign with? Will you be dependent on donor financing or are you able to get by with a budgeted amount in terms of getting you to office? Getting into the senate requires a lot of planning and this means a lot of finances. You must have various sources of finance. Have a team that will manage your affairs even as you seek a seat in the senate. This team will need funding and you must provide resources for the team to function. Say, start with to get heard with some intent for ongoing private investors?


You know the saying, and you know it’s true! It is not who you are, but mostly who you know! That certainly makes its way into politics, the public sector and obviously glorified the private sector. How do you get elected to a senate seat if you are unknown? This is next to impossible and should be a point that should be seriously taken into a budget and to social consideration even before you begin. I mentioned budget as nothing its free!

Engage with people in a different aspect of relationships be it that they’re in business, welfare, community or even school and/or security issues. You will be able to broaden your social network; including, contacts with people who really matters as regards matters of law, administration and social issues. You can make a name by articulating your issues in these group activities. Get in touch with people, leaders and peers within your community. You are indeed trying to be a public servant, right? So that’s what it’s all about, being there for your people!

All these are great, basic ways on how to become a US senator. And most importantly, are useful to those that want to modify or make a much required change in their positions as potential upcoming senators. The biggest hindrance, however, is how someone who has all these attributes, resources and support to actually perform once selected. Will he forget his/her guiding principles, will you? What do you think? Is it or it just isn’t for you?