trump vs hillaryWho in these days in love with politics doesn’t want to know the answer to a Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton versus debate! Right? The fight for the United States’ presidency has started, and boy, is it getting bloody. Candidates have become aggressive and are exercising every avenue in order to further their cause. None of the candidates however, seem to be putting in quite as much effort as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. These two presidential aspirants have been front-lining in terms of campaigning and have received the most attention among any of the other candidates.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both have their strengths and weaknesses. Trump is the leading candidate for the Grand Old Party (GOP) with a long list of credentials nestled comfortably under his belt. Clinton on the other hand is at the forefront of the race of Democrats, with an impressive political history and experience that make her an ideal candidate. But when it all comes right down to it – who wins? In the epic battle known as Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton, it’s hard to make assumptions as to who will actually come out on top. By looking into their credentials, qualifications, and pit falls, we might get a better understanding of just what to expect when votes are finally cast.

Who Wins? – Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is a business tycoon with a net worth amounting to $4 billion USD. The man is basically a money machine with countless achievements in the realm of finance, economics, and business. There is no doubt that Trump has the smarts to make big bucks, but does he have the skills to run an entire country?

Donald Trump’s Strengths

  1. – Donald Trump’s credentials are basically laid flat on the table for everyone to see, and there’s very little (if any at all) secrets that haven’t been brought to light. We all know what he owns, what he operates, and the kind of business he does. Trumps background has been probed and examined time and time again with the same results and observations coming up each and every time.
  1. He Means Business – Donald Trump is probably the most successful business man the world over. With an estimated $4 billion USD to his name, there really is no way we can doubt his ability to generate vast amounts of money. Trump has dealt with hundreds of corporations, private individuals, and even overseas governments throughout the years. These transactions have allowed him to obtain knowledge on global economics and the state of financial markets in other areas across the world. This experience gives him the ability to foresee the best course of action to save an enterprise from financial pitfalls and proves his capacity to take part in successful proceedings with other authorities across the globe.
  1. Unrivalled Confidence and Personal Power – Really, who has given a better show than Donald Trump? Looking over all the past press conferences, campaign speeches, and public appearances, it’s clear that Trump is in a league of his own. He’s as much a businessman as he is a master show man. He’s kept audiences entertained with every word he’s said so far, and that means big potential for his fight towards the presidency.

Debate two speakers. Political speeches debatesAnother thing worth mentioning about Trump is the fact that he seems to exude a personal confidence and an unshakable stand that will be difficult to influence. How is that a good thing? As voters, we can be sure that he won’t give in to the temptations that many outside forces might whisper into his ear once he has the seat. Trump seems like a man of integrity, and no matter what the temptation, he’s the kind of man who would trudge on his own path.

  1. Master Negotiator – To become a successful businessman, you should first be a good negotiator. Trump is probably the master in this field with the ability to speak his way through dealings and transactions to make others bend to his desires. Trump knows how to navigate complex deals and transactions and he knows what strings to pull to win whatever he starts. While many might not see this as a real strength, there is no denying that when the U.S. goes into dealings with other countries, Trump’s negotiating prowess might just get us a better deal than we would have ever gotten without him.
  1. Free (Enterprise) for All – Trump is a man who understands the importance of free enterprise. He’s business minded and money driven. Trump is in favor of the lowly business owner and believes that giving people a fighting chance in the world of finance is the best way to secure a strong future for everyone. With Trump in office, we can expect that business regulations, rules, and laws will see major reform in favor of those who seek a brighter future in the industry.

Donald Trump’s Weaknesses

  1. Prone to Ill-Informed Propaganda – From the Obama citizenship issue, to anti-vaccination, Trump seems to be prone to embracing myths and misinformation. The man doesn’t seem to do his research very well and has ended up standing for causes and ideas that might not seem all that smart. This could become a major problem for the man as it has caused him embarrassment and public ridicule in the past.
  1. The Land of the Not-So Free – Trump was the one who suggested that every Muslim in the United State of America should wear a personal identification card to inform others that they are Muslim. He came up with this bright idea after the attacks on France just last year. Now, we all know his intentions are good (or at least we’d like to think he has good intentions) but Trump has become something of a loose cannon with all these racial and discriminating statements. The multi-billionaire seems to overlook the fact that the U.S. likes to see itself as the Land of the Free and its citizens might not be too enthralled with all these discriminating statements.
  1. Me, Myself, and I – Trump loves being in the spotlight and he simply seems to adore the attention he gets from all his campaigning – whether or not it’s positive. The reason why he’s gotten equal amounts of both during the campaign season is that he refuses to listen to the advice of others around him. He wants to do things his way; a personality trait he learned as a businessman. This could spell trouble once he sits as president as he might just choose to ignore the advice and suggestion of advisers and authorities in the realm of politics, putting the rest of us in a stick situation.
  1. Not Always Smart – Yes, Trump is pretty minted, but did you know he admitted to bankruptcy and to manipulating bankruptcy laws just to get out of a financial pickle? The man hasn’t always been the business savvy money generator he is today, and that leads voters to question – is he really that smart or is he just lucky?

Hillary Clinton is a seasoned politician with years of experience in government to her name. The wife of the beloved former president Bill Clinton, Hillary has had her time in office and knows the ins and outs of the world of politics better than any other candidate for the presidency. The question remains, though – is the U.S. ready for its first female president? Is the answer to Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton simpler for us now? Let’s continue with some additional facts here.

                                                                                                          Hillary Clinton’s Strengths

  1. Popularity is Key – If you haven’t heard of Hillary Clinton by now, you’ve probably been living under a rock for most of your life. Clinton is a popular name in the political world and for very good reasons. This woman was the wife of former president Bill Clinton and served as the Secretary of State under Obama. She’s a household name with years of experience in politics. There’s no doubting her natural talent for governance. For a Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton debate, I think there is a close tie here.
  1. Fundraising Juggernaut – Clinton has been known to be naturally gifted when it comes to generating funds. Her family’s charity is proof of that! Her skills in fundraising make her an ideal presidential candidate because, hey, there are a lot of projects that need to be put in action. With her abilities, all of those plans can be turned into realities. Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton here? The Donald is a winner here!
  1. The Leading Democrat – There really is no democratic candidate quite as powerful and popular as Hillary Clinton. That’s why no one wants to stand up against her! Unless someone makes the effort to kick her down the democratic ranking, she’s likely to stay there. All thanks to her educational and political background that no one can seem to match up against. A Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton versus situation here? Hillary wins this one for miles!
  1. She’s Played the Game Before – Clinton already tried to run for the presidency before, and although she didn’t win, she has learned how to play the game. You can expect that she will put new strategies and tactics into action to better convince people why she deserved the seat, and not some non-political professional who wear a toupee. A Clinton vs Trump debate on this one? Well, not exactly, she could be the first woman to become a President!

Hillary Clinton’s Weaknesses

  1. Slipping Favorability – Hillary Clinton has become less and less liked by voters, according to recent polls. Thanks to certain issues being brought to light, individuals have begun to lose trust in the candidate and are beginning to wonder whether or not she’s worth the vote after all.
  1. Is This the Beginning of Dynasty? – Yes, maybe her husband’s previous position might be of some help when she takes the seat, but is this the beginning of dynasty? Voters don’t want a family of Clinton’s to wiggle their way into dictatorship. Who wants their country controlled by a single name? The marriage of these two Clinton’s has proved to be a doubled edged sword – both constructive and harmful to Hillary’s cause.
  1. Prepare for the Onslaught of Scandal – Now that the issue of the personal email account has been brought to life, Clinton can expect that opponents (Republicans, mostly) will continue to hammer her for her slip-up. This will further reduce the trust she has built up in voters and might significantly affect her chances of winning.
  1. Are We Ready for a Woman? – Gender isn’t really a determining factor, but we can’t deny that there is a large population of voters who still don’t believe that a woman should be president. It’s a long standing stigma that needs to be abolished, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

The battle of Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton is on – do you know which side to choose? Take every detail into account, find out what you can, and make your choice based on qualifications. Remember, it’s the presidency we’re talking about. Now tell me, who do you think wins betwen Mr Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton? Interesting! Tell us.