Our president finds political investigations scathing that every move to unravel his secrets send him firing the gun. Experts find the metaphor to the Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre” appalling and it makes them think that a constitutional crisis awaits.

Heads on the chopping board

The firing of James Comey seemed to be Trump’s starting point to salvage his reputation. Many believe that this premature axing is meant to interrupt the FBI’s investigations over Russia’s possible meddling in the last election. It can be recalled that our president summoned Comey to the White House to ask whether he’s under the eye of the state agents. But Comey stuck to the protocol and caused him his position.

Donald had repeatedly said that he has no ties with Russia although his attempt to influence the FBI has a different wind as well as his past rendezvous with Russian diplomats.

Right now, there’s another brewing gossip that Trump is contemplating to fire his Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The President’s Russian-ties-investigation worry triggered the boot. Trump was actually trying to divert the eyes to what he called Hillary’s “crimes and relations to Russia”. And with Sessions not giving a damn about it, his worry escalates.

Another one is on the axing queue too. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is leading FBI’s scrutiny over the alleged Russian election meddling. Sessions is not much on the radar of Trump advisers unlike how the President worries about him. Like what they said, “save the bullet for Mueller”.

Day by day, the FBI digs deeper into the possible conspiracy between our president and Russia. This makes Trump panic, we just don’t know until when he can hold on to it.

Tax returns mystery

Aside from the firing happening in the government, Trump had also refused to show his tax returns and one his top aides said that it will never see the light of day. Although releasing the documents is part of his campaign promise, he then renounced saying that we, Americans, have nothing to do with it.

This makes experts think what Trump must be hiding on the hems of his financial audit. Does he have scandalous business complications? Is it a sign of a constitutional crisis? Only his tax returns can say. Another theory is that our president masks Russian dealings on his accounts which his son hinted in 2008 over the “money pouring in from Russia” statement.

One theory on the refusal might be Trump is lying about his net worth. During his campaign, he claimed to be worth $10 billion with all his businesses and investments. But experts like Forbes suggests that he can only be around $4 billion.

The disturbing thing here is that Trump even bragged during a presidential debate that he’s not paying federal income tax. Whether this is true or not, it’s sending an evil message to business tycoons about evading their obligations.

However, the Congress has the power to demand the tax returns release, but with GOP filling up the majority, it’s quite impossible to realize this.

Aside from all these, racial ban, gender discrimination, and immigrant restrictions are looming to be federalized in the coming years. It’s frightening to see America in the wake of a constitutional crisis in the hands of our highly rhetoric president.

If Trump will keep on running America based on men and personal interests instead of laws, a dangerous outcome is waiting at the end of his term; god forbid his reelection.

Headed to a crisis or not, you’ll be the judge. Is Trump bringing America to the brink of political scandal or he’s just cautious of his colleagues? Let us know what you have in mind!