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2017 Politically Incorrect: Puerto Rico and Venezuela

If you have been to Puerto Rico or Venezuela before, you’ve probably seen the top 10 beaches of the world at least on cable TV even if you were only on a weekend getaway. You also probably know that both Puerto Rico and Venezuela have been consistently praised for their environmental beauties. For what were [&hellip


Diane Abbott Interview on police policy costs .

Diane Abbott Interview With LBC Over Police Funding – The Aftermath. Diane Abbott Interview – If you thought this was a hoax, a prank then you’d be forgiven for thinking so. When you hear Jeremy Corbyn’s reputed choice for Home Secretary being interviewed on radio and stuttering for replies, that’s bad enough. Then when you hear [&hellip


Donald Trump Crazy? 3 Outrageous Reminders!

There is no stopping Donald Trump crazy talks from the US republican presidential race. To quite a few million people, this is acceptable. However, for those thinking more subjectively, sadly, he’s all nonsense and crazy. While Trump has managed to accumulate a huge cult-like following, it’s safe to say that the number of people against [&hellip


World’s Hottest Female Politicians Disclosed!

Beauty, brains, and a commanding presence? Sounds like the makings of a hot politician. We have seen our fair share of lovely ladies (should I say, hottest female politicians!)  take center stage in the world of politics. Plus more than a handful of them were equipped well, not only in the brains department, but also [&hellip


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