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Top 3 Things Politicians Should Avoid Doing

Being a public servant is a hard task to handle. Day in and day out, the people we elect into office are faced with numerous challenges that need to be resolved in order to give those who support and trust them access to better opportunities and better quality of life. No doubt, being a politician [&hellip


How to Maintain a Good Image in Politics!

It’s easy to gain popularity as a politician, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that popularity is the product of good governance. All too often, the politicians we elect into office stumble, crash, and burn during their term because of bad publicity and poor performance that makes them the center of media frenzy and public scrutiny. [&hellip


5 Basics “Know How” on How to Become a US Senator!

How to become a US senator is a question Barack Obama, I am sure, had prior to becoming the fifth African-American senator in the state of Illinois in the US. It surely continues to be a big question to many aspiring politicians. Senators have the responsibility of debating and voting for new laws in their respective [&hellip


How to Become a Politician – Step by Step!

“How to become a Politician?” Isn’t the question just interesting? How can someone answer that perfectly, right? While I am far from being perfect, here’s a start for all of my readers. Are you the kind of person with a genuine heart for caring? Do you love helping others and exercising your abilities to improve [&hellip


How to Build a Career as a Politician – Beginnings!

Knowing how to build a career as a politician takes numerous takes resources and the right mentors at your side. Either that or an extraordinary mind, needless to say, all 3 are often in effect to create a winning politician. If you’ve got a natural talent for speaking, if you love serving others, and if [&hellip


Top 6 Distinctive Traits of a Great Politician

Having trouble figuring out who to vote for in the upcoming elections? Because of past experiences with poor political practice and widespread corruption, voters have learned that the trick to casting a vote isn’t by looking at the one with the best qualities, but to choose the lesser evil. We can never really be sure [&hellip


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