Obama todayDespite all the negative feedback and complaints we occasionally hear about President Barack Obama, the guy still has managed to come up with an impressive array of accomplishments. Hence somehow

can be likened to any US President that has done well for the country. During his two term administration, he was able to sign the economic Stimulus plan, pass the health care reform, end the war in Iraq (or did he?), and eliminate one of the infamous terrorists the world has ever seen, Osama bin Laden that is.

Although many would say that he could have done better things, there are lots of things we can learn from his lifestyle and take them all as a learning lesson.

So let’s put aside all the hate (and memes, I would say) aside and see what President Barack Obama has taught us. Read on!

Keep That God of Yours First

Adding to the country’s Pledge of Allegiance, “One Nation under God,” President Obama outspokenly expressed his faith; that it is his “precepts of Jesus Christ” that led to how he handles life within and beyond politics. Since becoming a devout Christian, Obama is one with the Evergreen Chapel in Camp David and the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. He firmly believes that the “power of African-American religious tradition” is capable of injecting radical social change.

Family First Before Anything Else

He sure is an epitome of a good father and well-kept family man. In fact, in the midst of his Presidential duties and the like, he sees to it that Michelle, Sasha and Malia are within his reach. Hence you can see them on a family vacation and regularly attending church together, among others. Obama today is an example of how every man should put quality time with his family.

Quitting Smoking is Possible

It is no secret that President Obama was once a heavy smoker. In fact, he has already failed on several attempts, trying to axe out smoking in his life. Finally, he successfully won the battle in 2011 and admitted that “quitting smoking is hard.” Like any other people, he firmly believes that Tobacco is the leading cause of early deaths in America and that one way to conquer it is by keeping “young people from starting in the first place.”

A Good Man is Synonymous to a Good Woman

Indeed, President Obama and first lady Michelle’s love story is and will always be better than “Twilight,” minus the bloodsucking and vampire fangs, of course. If he is to describe Michelle, President Obama would say “I would not be standing here tonight without the unyielding support of my best friend for the last 16 years.” He defined how much Michelle mean to him the night he became the president of the United States in November 2008. Now, tell me, isn’t that sweet?

The Importance of Treating Yourself

Most of us are guilty of being slaves to work, not because it’s a bad thing, but simply because we want to have what is best for us and our loved ones. This, of course, the same with the long hours President Obama has to take while at the Oval Office. Nonetheless, he always ensures that he finds time for a quick basketball, exercise, and a pure love for other sports. Apart from all of these, he also finds time to have a romantic date with the first lady.

Although President Obama is still a work in progress (like all of us), there are things that we can certainly learn from him. Things that can actually be applied to our lives and make a better version of ourselves. Indeed, Obama today is a living example of a man who continues to stand up despite struggles and hurdles.